Clackamas River Yoga & Whitewater Day Trip

Spend a Day on the River!

If you’re looking for a great way to get on the water and connect with nature just a short drive away from Portland, the Clackamas River has exactly what you’re looking for!

Rafting (May - July)

There are very few sports in which the movement is determined by the environment. Rafting is one of them. Between this, the physical activity and the social dynamics while on the river, rafting is a great way to create a shift in consciousness!

Each raft comes equipped with a fully functional, highly-trained river guide! There are 2 different sections of whitewater river, as well.

Upper Clackamas- Set in Mt. Hood National Forest, this is the more challenging river.

Lower Clackamas- This is a more mellow section, and where we offer you the opportunity to take your own craft later in the summer. We also launch right from camp, with is a very cool experience!

**Note that during the spring, when the water is higher, faster, and colder, we only offer the rafting.

SUP Yoga (June-August)

During the warmer months, spend the morning doing yoga on the lake with one of our incredible yoga instructors. Paddle around and explore before or after the class, drift off on your own, or hop off the board and take a swim. 

Kayaking / Supping (July - fall)

There are few things as freeing as being in your own craft going down the river. The Lower Clackamas in the summer is a great place to learn. With our highly skilled kayak guides with you through the experience, we can teach you the basics of kayaking in an open-top boat or help you level up and practice your roll in a “hardshell” kayak.

Spend Your Day Well

This trip is to get you comfortable with being outdoors.. We pack a lot into a single day so you can get a feel for all of these activities and for the beautiful world we’re immersed in. There isn’t a lot of time for diving into the conscious experience like we do on our overnight experiences, though you will certainly feel some something, especially with the SUP yoga piece.