Nature Connection Experiences
For Personal & Cultural Transformation

Find Peace, Beauty, and purpose

Move Past Your Limitations

Be A Force For A Better World

The World You Know Is Working Against You

Do you feel trapped in a stress-filled, meaningless life? 

Are you overwhelmed by the insanity of societal issues we face?

Does it feel like things are teetering on the edge of collapse, and there’s little you or anyone else is doing about it all?

The world us people have created is destroying the natural one that we have evolved, in deep connection with, for billions of years. Anyone who was born into it learned a mindset that aligns with it, and that goes against their deeper humanity.

Society stunts our psychological and emotional growth. It’s as though this world creates a soulless version of everyone, including you, to serve it, void of deeper purpose. 

All while the world is falling apart in all kinds of ways right in front of our eyes, there doesn’t seem to be much we can do to change our course.

You, and all of us, need serious change, and quick!

Join A Nature Connection Experience, and Find Meaning and Purpose In Your Life Relevant to These Times!

To free yourself from the human-created world we live in, the issues it creates, and the mindset it keeps us trapped in, you first have to get out of it!

Put yourself in a place that you naturally love and feel connected to; the natural world. Here, you connect with your authenticity, your deeper wild nature.

As you connect with, recognize, and ultimately live into that version of yourself, you’ll move through a deeper journey to unlock your true gift and align with your deeper humanity.

We were designed to be as caring and loving as we are powerful. An emotionally well-developed human being is wise, caring, loving, and at peace with life. When you’re in touch with that and live into it, the more you affect the world around you.

Changing yourself in this way helps to create a better world during quite possibly the most important time in human history!


Cascade Lake Camp

Our Signature Experience!

Relax deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest! SUP right from camp, do some yoga offered by one of our wonderful teachers, and mainly spend time in stunningly beautiful nature for a while. Let go of everyday mindsets and habits, and connect with wild nature. 

On your way out, you have the (highly recommended) option to raft through a glacier-fed lava tube with Eric as your guide!

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*Includes: Meals, Snacks, coffee, camping, tents, guides, yoga, paddleboards & boats.

*Optoional: Shuttle, sleeping pad & bag, massage, & rafting (addtl. charges)

Cascade Lake Camp Runs June through October!

Call For availability
(971) 319-1667

Private Group Experiences

Bring your group or community out with us!

We provide gear, transportation, and as many or as few of our activities as you want. We’re also happy to help set the container or let you hold the space in your own way. Just let us know your specific needs and we’ll take care of the rest!

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June through October (Call For Details)

Oregon Coast Journey

The rugged Oregon Coast, lined with beautiful beaches, rocky cliffs, and deep forests, has a magical feel to it. This Journey offers time and space to explore an incredible piece of it, while the rhythm of the ocean sinks you deep into peace.

The Oregon Coast Journey Offers yoga, an incredible yet easy hike, and an experience free of worry.

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Limited 2023 Offerings!

Is A Nature Connection Experience Right For You?

Humans and all of the animal ancestors of our evolution evolved immersed in the natural world for eons. Time in nature should be beneficial for everyone. But here’s how to maximize it all. 

Resonate With It

We want to make sure this is right for you, and for us. Read the blogtalk with Eric, or request a questionnaire, then sit with it and see if it’s a good fit for everyone.


We’ll send you some practices and ideas to help you make the most of your time with us. You do only what you can. 

Go On An Experience

Reconnect with a part of yourself, align with your wild nature and vibe with all of that in its glory. This is the easy part!

Live It Into Your Life

Bring what you find out there back into our human-made world. It needs this version of you as much as you want to live into it! 

Youth And Family Camps

Our camps were created specifically with youth and families in mind. Until 2020, we ran summer camps under Forest Dream Oregon for students with Japanese backgrounds living in Oregon. International camps were on the horizon in 2020. 

Check out our Camps page for updates and details. 

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