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New in 2024: Psychedelic Mushroom Journeys

The Mindset of the Modern World

The stress of life in these times weighs on us all. It all breeds a mindset of disconnection while creating widespread anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. Mental health issues are at epidemic proportions, and there’s no real end in sight, as the world us people have created is on course to destroy the one we evolved with for so long. 

This does reflect not our deeper human nature, our true potential, or the kind of world most people want to live in.  

To make real change,  we need to reconnect with our wild nature.  

Go on a Nature Connection Journey Designed For Personal Cultural Transfomation

Our problems do not stem from our personal issues, as traditional mental health wants you to believe. They are the result of us trying to conform to an inherently unjust, unhealthy, and unsustainable way of life. We don’t believe it is psychologically healthy to do this. 

Getting out of it, and connecting with our true nature again is key for moving forward on your path. And doing so changes everything!

Us humans have the ability to change (or maintain) the culture as is. Change may not happen all at once, but our presence and what we put our energy into affect a large number of people, personally and professionally. The fact that you’re reading this now, as are a lot of other people, is proof. 

Connecting with a community aligned deeply with themselves, the awesome power of the natural world, and universal intelligence is the most powerful way to become a force for good in these chaotic, uncertain, and critical times. 

Now Offering Legal Magic Mushroom Journeys in Oregon!


Go on this once-in-a-lifetime 5-day Journey to help you get the most out of your psilocybin journey!

We meet at Smith Rock (optional transport from Portland) and spend time in the arid canyon. Here, you can let go of your everyday mindset and create openness for the incredible effects of the medicine. We spend the next day in Bend for the medicine session at Bend Inner Alchemy. We have a hiking option for those who choose not to take the psilocybin journey. 

We then move south for a 3-night, 2-day camping and rafting adventure deep in nature. Known as “The Emerald Jewel,” the North Umpqua River lies in an amazing, waterfall-lined valley nestled deep in the heart of the Pacific Northwest Forest. 


Select Dates In June And July

Relax deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest! SUP right from camp, do yoga offered by one of our wonderful teachers, and spend time in stunningly beautiful nature for a while. Let go of everyday mindsets and habits, and connect with wild nature. 

This is the perfect setting for your psilocybin integration!

On your way out, you have the (highly recommended) option to raft through a glacier-fed lava tube with Eric as your guide!

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Includes: Meals, Snacks, coffee, camping, tents, guides, yoga, paddleboards & boats.

Optional: Psilocybin session in Portland beforehand, shuttle from PDX, sleeping bag, massage, & rafting (addtl. charges)

Select Dates In August only

Bring your group out with us!

We provide gear, transportation, and you can do our journeys with your own people! 

We’re also happy to help set the container or let you hold the space in your own way, or we can facilitate the nature connection and psilocybin parts of the journey. Just let us know your specific needs and we’ll take care of the rest!

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June through October (Call For Details)

Oregon Coast Journey

The rugged Oregon Coast, lined with beautiful beaches, rocky cliffs, and deep forests, has a magical feel to it. This Journey offers time and space to explore an incredible piece of it, while the rhythm of the ocean sinks you deep into peace.

The Oregon Coast Journey Offers yoga, an incredible yet easy hike, and an experience free of worry.

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Limited 2024 Offerings!

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Youth And Family Camps

Our camps were created specifically with youth and families in mind. Until 2020, we ran summer camps under Forest Dream Oregon for students with Japanese backgrounds living in Oregon. International camps were on the horizon in 2020. 

Check out our Camps page for updates and details. 

Is A Nature Connection Experience Right For You?

We know this can be a lot at first glance. If you want an idea of where we’re coming from with it all, you can read all about our area of expertise. 

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