Magic Mushroom, Nature, & Rafting Journey

4 days 3 Nights

4-12 people

Go on a Journey through some of Oregon’s most iconic nature to help get into a great state of mind to go with your psychedelic experience! We visit some of Oregon’s most incredible natural areas, camp, eat great food and have an overnight rafting trip to finish it all off! 

We do all of this to make your psilocybin journey the most memorable and powerful experience possible! 

Smith Rock

We meet at Smith Rock, where we spend the day. We offer hiking or even just relaxing. You can even do your own thing. 

We’ll first gather at the beginning and the end of our time here and share in a group format, for those who chose to. 

In the evening, we will stay at a  the Bend area individually or in shared accommodations. We’ll have yoga and hold space for the upcoming journey. 

Lunch and dinner provided.  

We wake up with a light breakfast, optional yoga, and a move to the service center for the magic mushroom part of the experience with your facilitator. You can read more about this on our sister site, mushroomeric

After your trip winds down, we take you to the next spot: a campground with cabin options. 

Breakfast and snacks are provided. Dinner options at a restaurant after the journey. 

Crater Lake

The day begins at the campground for breakfast, then we go to Crater Lake National Park, with a hike. 

In the afternoon, we launch the rafts for the first of two days on the river. 

That night we camp riverside. 

All meals and transportation provided. 


We start with breakfast and raft through the morning. 

We close with lunch at Steamboat Inn, or snacks for the road, and we take you back to Bend, Eugene or Portland.  



We begin offering this journey at the end of May. Some positives include being able to pick your dates, fewer people on the river and a more adventurous ride as water levels are still high. 

The downside is that it can still be cold and rainy, and Crater Lake may not be accessible due to snow, which we have alternatives for, including a trip to a natural hot spring.


June is a beautiful time of year to go on this trip. The water levels are still high enough for an exciting ride, and the weather gets warmer as the month goes on. We run most of our trips during June. 


July is great for those who want a warmer, more leisurely trip. The water levels start to drop off, and we have more capacity to just chill. But there are also more crowds.

We typically stop offering this journey in mid-July due to the number of people, water levels, and it starts to get into smoke and fire season in Southern Oregon. 

Check out our Cascade Camp for our peak summer offerings (late July and August).


The Enhanced Group Experience

Psychedelics were done communally to help people connect with themselves, each other, and the natural world for millennia. This can create powerful experiences and bonds and restore people’s faith in humanity. And it can drastically change your relationship with wild nature. Our journeys encourage all of that. 

But we also get that you would want to meet your group. We hold space for the group to interact online beforehand so members can get a feel for each other and to see if the fit is right. You can also engage with others in public groups in the larger community. After your journey, you can create your own groups on as well. This provides a container to help people what they find on their journey back into the world.

Services On The Journey

This experience was created to open your mind, body, and soul up to the entire psychedelic experience. Getting outdoors does so much to help with that, and our services are centered around doing exactly that.

We provide clean food to reduce issues you have with the medicine or the energetic experience. This isn’t your typical outdoor eating, either. We bring fresh food and prepare it deliciously with a solid kitchen set up. We are based in the lush Pacific Northwest, where the ingredients are insanely fresh. Our coffee and tea game is on point too.

We will cook for most diets. We make great vegan and vegetarian meals. We also have meat options.

Most food is naturally gluten free food, as there’s just not much wheat in outdoor cooking. We’ll get the wheat made things with gluten though, for those worried.

Just let us know your preferences during booking and we’ll take care of the rest!

Sleeping bags and tent

Night 1 – We get a group house, or you can stay on your own if you prefer. 

Night 2 – We stay at a campground with cabin options (Additional $150 for cabin this night).

Night 3 – Camping along the river

We provide tents, sleeping pads and group equipment. 

Sleeping bags are more of a personal item. People wrap themselves in them, they are right up against people’s skin and there’s a lot that can soil them. Cleaning sleeping bags well causes them to break down quickly, both structurally and insulation wise.

But not everyone may have one, so we have a few options:

1. Rent A Bag at $35 per person per trip. This covers cleaning and degradation of the sleeping bag.

2. Buy your own. This is our recommended option. Getting your own sleeping bag is a necessary step to you getting outdoors more often. We work with Next Adventure, a Portland based outdoor outfitter, to get you discounted bags. Please let us know in advance if you will be buying a bag.

3. Donate your bag- Don’t want to bring your sleeping bag back home? You can buy a bag and, after you are finished, donate it to local people having housing issues. Sleeping bags can quite literally save lives.

We handle all the gear and guiding for activities and in camp. You just need to bring your personal hygiene items and clothes. We’ll give you some pointers before you come out, but you probably have everything you need already.

Transportation- Transportation from Bend, Or. back to Bend is included in the price. Driving on the medicine day is prohibited, and shuttling vehicles for rafting is complicated, so you cannot drive yourself. We have transportation options for getting to Bend, as well.

1. Pick-up from Portland 8 am – $120 1st, $80 addtl.

2. Pick-up from Eugene (accessible by train) + $60 each. 

3. Pick up and drop off in Bend (no charge)

For the camping portion of the experience, the campgrounds have vault toilets (pictured above). 

2024 Schedule

Curious About The Legal Psilocybin Experience in Oregon?

Evolve Wild offers the journey around the legal psilocybin experience in Oregon. 

If you’re curious about the psilocybin journey itself, check out our sister site, mushroomeric, for a better understanding of the ins and outs of psilocybin mushroom facilitation. 

Medicine Journey Outline