What Is Wild Nature?

Us people like to think we’re in control of things. Yet the mysterious origins of the entire universe, the earth, life on it, and even us people somehow all came about without our say-so. While we may think we’re some higher intelligence, we have little clue why anything even exists in the first place. Where we come from before birth or go after death escapes us quite thoroughly, no matter what anyone believes they know. Even self-discovery is a lifelong process. All of this is completely natural and wild. 

Our lives are immersed in wild nature, whether we know it or not.  Your inner wild nature, or your soul, is your deeper, more authentic and more interconnected part of yourself. So your relationship with wild nature outside of you directly affects that relationship within. And aligning with that has the power to change your life. 

Get Out Of Your Head, and Your World

If you have ever skimmed a self-help or spirituality book, or been to a therapist, It’s probably not news that aligning with your true self is key. Most will tell you that change starts within. But contrary to popular opinion, I believe pervasive change starts outside of one’s self.

The world around us plays a huge part in determining what part of consciousness comes forward at any moment. Our external environment is the base of our subconscious experience. It determines what we feel, hear, see, breathe, and touch, how we move through it, and what we interact with. That’s the constant baseline of our subconscious experience. Just try meditating while you’re stuck in standstill traffic with a jackhammer going as someone slowly cuts you off. 

People today constantly have things that break their peace. It could be family, friends, other difficult relationships, work, politics, social and online factors, or a host of other social and real-world factors that can weigh on all of us daily. 

If you want to change how you think and feel about everything, start by changing your environment. Get into a place that you love and that radiates love back to you, and stay there for a while. Nothing else does that quite like Wild Nature. 

Human Created Environments

Nearly everything in our human-made world is set up to have people as the center of the experience, often at the expense of the natural world. 

When you’re at home, nature is, by and large, banished. Any spider or bug will probably be removed on sight in one way or another. Your food gets bought from a store or restaurant while your water is piped into the house. You are physically separated from the ecosystem by the walls around you and floor under you. It is relatively safe and free from unexpected intrusions, outside of other people of course. You are physically relatively comfortable and secure, as the mysteries of life play out somewhere else. Psychologically and socially, most people are subjected to a constant stream of human created stimuli. 

Living this way does have real benefits, but holding this human-centered view of life as the only one that matters is creating just as many problems.

In the absence of contact with wild nature, you crave deeper meaning in your life. Getting more stuff won’t fill in what is missing, but if that’s all you know, you’ll keep trying. So we fill our lives with more things we don’t need or even use for very long, while society encroaches further on the natural world to give them to us. Meanwhile, the natural world is letting us know we can’t keep this up much longer. 

Looking for answers in our self-created version of reality will only send us further down the same path we are on. It is as unsustainable as it is unfulfilling. But you may just find the answers you didn’t even know you are searching for when you just get yourself outdoors.

Spending Time On Wild Lands

If you want to bring beauty, peace, awareness, and deeper connection into your life, get into an environment that does that. It’s my firm belief that just about everyone alive today could use more time on wild lands. 

By doing this, we immerse our physical bodies in a larger presence. It’s vividly clear that we are part of something bigger. And our souls recognize this place as home. If you open yourself up to it all, you see that you, too, are part of it. And a very important one at that. 

There is a larger journey in which you can fully align with our unique wild nature. It’s pretty far from where most people are today, though there were a lot of cultures that held such practices before the spread of “civilized culture” in the last few thousand years. 

Whether you just want to see what connecting with nature can do for you, or you’re ready for a more in-depth journey, getting out onto wild lands and shifting consciously opening to that presence is the first step. 

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Live Your Wild Nature Into The World

Our impact on the planet will ultimately be made in our human-made worlds. They are affecting everything at this point. Altering our environments is part of our human nature. It always will be. 

But when we are aligned with wild nature and value it as though our own peace and happiness (as well as our continued existence) depend on deeping that relationship, that can change everything. And you’ll change too. The more each of us does this, the more we support and inspire others to do so well. This is how we all do it, as a culture and as a species. 

Us humans could live deeply sustainable, joyful, peaceful, wise, and loving lives. We just have to deepen our relationship with wild nature, both within ourselves and outside of us. They are, after all, one in the same.  

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