Oregon Coast Journey

Camp in a forest that hugs a vast beach. The Oregon Coast Journey offers time and space to explore this incredible place, along with a variety of ways to help open your body and mind to it. 

Camp on the Coast

We camp at the edge of a forest, right next to a vast beach on the Pacific ocean. The expanse is awe inspiring. The waves set the background rhythm. There is plenty of time to lose yourself and explore this incredible landscape.  There is plenty of time to relax at your own campsite, or the group area.

Beach Yoga

Yoga and the beach go hand in hand. The soft sand is the best place outdoors to do yoga. The body is the bridge between our conscious experience and our physical reality. You create a powerful shift when you open your body up through yoga outdoors.

Hike Into The Ocean

The hike over a mile into the ocean, along 300 foot cliffs as the waves roll in below, is truly unique. An incredible marine ecosystem, which attracts whales on certain days and times of year, lies right below the cliffs of this cape. It is a fairly flat 5 mile hike, suitable for most ability levels.



This is an incredible time to come if you can accept some rain and temps in the 40s to 60s.

Whale migrations along the Oregon coast start in late March and go through May. The earlier in the season, the higher likelihood of rain, but the lesser the crowds as well. The campgrounds have warm showers, and we have plenty of tarps to keep you dry. “Yurts” are also available, though they require booking way in advance.

If the rain looks as though it will be too much of an issue, we will cancel the trip. We do not offer this experience during Memorial Day weekend as it becomes too crowded.


June is the only summer month we offer the Oregon Coast Journey, and we only do so on weekdays. The weekends get far to crowded to cultivate the peace and tranquility that this journey inspires. From July 1st until after Labor Day, we do not offer this experience. Please see our Cascade sitting for our peak season experience. 

September & October

September. This is a great time to come, as the crowds are much more mild and the weather is still quite nice. With river levels low, the coast is our best fall experience. We run through the end of October, weather permitting. 

Kitchen Gear on Camping Portion of Evolve Wild Journeys

Let us do the work

Spending time outdoors is work. Between prep, packing, setting up, cooking and cleaning, finding time to relax can be hard to come by. You have to have gear and experience, and forgetting one thing can cause a lot of difficulty.

We do all this for you, and do it well, so you can be present with the experience as it unfolds.


Day 1


First Beach12:00-14:30We stop here for relaxing and exploring, whether hiking, sitting seaside or exploring this unique coastline, it is time well spent.
Campground (State Park)15:15-16:00Camp set up & dinner prep.
16:00-19:00This is your time. We will hold a campfire and offer practices or open some dialogue, or on some trips offer yoga. It will vary by group, trip and personal choice. This can also be a great time to find some free time and spend it how you feel it would be best spent.
20:00When the stars come out everything changes. We offer a beach circle, but really allow for freedom.
 Meals provided: Lunch & Dinner
Day 2
9:00-11:00Yoga, free time.
11:00-1:00Lunch, pack up camp
Hike1:00-5:00Hike into the Ocean
5:00Begin drive back to Portland.
Portland7:00-8:00Drop off at meeting spot or hotel.
Includes Breakfast and Lunch

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