What We Do On Experiences

Let’s be clear about this: The point of our experiences is to offer you time and space just to be in a magical place. It’s not to do anything, just to be present with it, and with who you are in that place. 

But we do offer good stuff to help you with that!  

Whether you just want to spend a night in the woods, create your own ceremony, talk about, or try anything around the writings, it’s your choice how you engage. We are simply guides and facilitators, here to support you during your time with us. 


Group Site & On Your Own

The group site is the social area. We cook meals here, get together for activities, have fires (when allowed), and just chill for the more social types. In group space, You get to talk about what suits you. Some people and groups keep it very light, others dive in. We try to keep the conversation away from political platforms, and it’s typically not a space for heavy drinking or partying. 

Outside of this space, whether exploring the stunning land or at your own campsite, we ask people to mainly recognize that people are choosing not to be social. It’s reserved for those doing some kind of self work or ceremony, whatever. 

Again, the intention is to go through your experience however unfolds to you, and to let others do the same.

The Basics

This isn’t your typical outdoor eating. We bring fresh food and prepare it deliciously with a solid kitchen set up. We are based in the lush Pacific Northwest, where the ingredients are insanely fresh. Our coffee and tea game is on point too. 

We will cook for most diets. We make great vegan and vegetarian meals. We also have meat options. 

Most food is naturally gluten free food, as there’s just not much wheat in outdoor cooking. We’ll get the wheat made things with gluten though, for those worried. 

Just let us know your preferences during booking and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Sleeping bags and tent

We provide tents and sleeping pads on all of our experiences. 

Sleeping bags are more of a personal item. People wrap themselves in them, they are right up against people’s skin and there’s a lot that can soil them. Cleaning sleeping bags well causes them to break down quickly, both structurally and insulation wise.

Still, not everyone has one, so we have a few options:

1. Rent A Bag at $35 per person per trip. This covers cleaning and degradation of the sleeping bag.

2. Buy your own. This is our recommended option. Getting your own sleeping bag is a necessary step to you getting outdoors more often. We work with Next Adventure, a Portland based outdoor outfitter, to get you discounted bags. Please let us know in advance if you will be buying a bag.

3. Donate your bag- Don’t want to bring your sleeping bag back home? You can buy a bag and, after you are finished, donate it to local people having housing issues. Sleeping bags can quite literally save lives.

We handle all the gear and guiding for activities and in camp. You just need to bring your personal hygiene items and clothes. We’ll give you some pointers before you come out, but you probably have everything you need already.

Transportation- We have 2 transportation options, or you can drive yourself:

1. Pick-up from Portland or Vancouver ($80 1st, $50 addtl.). This is easily accessible with public transportation from downtown Portland or close to the airport.

2. Pick-up from BZ Corner Washingon ($40). 

3. Drive yourself. It’s a forest service gravel road, and the maintenance on it is spotty. You will need a high ground clearance to drive yourself into the campground, and you could scratch the paint. It is an option though, if you’re good with that. 

Most of the places we go have vault toilets (pictured above). Some don’t, so we do what we need to. We hang a tarp around a small portable toilet. Neither is really that bad, and likely not uncomfortable as you may think.  And it beats digging a hole and repacking it!

Conscious Explorations

The best place we can check in with our deeper selves, by far, is in wild nature. There’s an entirely different quality to it. While out here, most people can tap into a wiser, more peaceful, loving, and appreciative version of themselves. This allows you to view life as much more connected

The longer you spend here, the more you can access this. Other things help the process, much of which is the point of everything listed above. 

If you really want to take a deep dive, here are some things we offer for your consideration: 

Every experience offers lots of free time (some more than others). Before people come out most wonder, even worry, what they’ll do with all that time. The simple answer is nothing. Just soak it all in. Funny enough, the people who think that coming in almost always wish they could stay longer. 

But there are hikes, paddle boarding, yoga and rafting to fill your time. Most of it is actually offered to help you find presence.

Driving along a mountain road beautiful scenery

Along the ride out, we transition from human-created environments to wild ones. We offer personal audio players filled with a variety of audiobooks that push you to think about life differently. Things such as The 4 agreements (and the 5th), Eckard Tolle, Ishmeal, and more. We can help you decide what might suit you best. 

There is also a variety of music. Or, you can take off your headphones and talk to the guides or others who want to chat. 

If you want to challenge yourself while you’re here, there are a number of things we can recommend or offer. You pick what suits you, if any. And we certainly encourage your own ceremonies and practices. 

What you do in your space is really up to you. Again, we’re just here to support you in how you engage with this world.