Cascade Lake Camp

5 days, 4 Nights

4-12 people

3280 + psilocybin fees

Pick Your Dates In July And August!

Beat the heat of summer & find deeper connection! The water is cool and always seems to be the right temperature on the alpine lake.

*Meals, Snacks, coffee, camping, guides, yoga, paddleboards & boats included.

*Shuttle, tents, sleeping bag, “cupping” massage & rafting optional (addtl. charges)

Aspects Of The Experience

The beauty of this place helps you to appreciate being here, and the land alone allows for intense feelings of presence and awe. The longer you spend here, the more the vibe of this incredible place flows through you. 

Clackamas River Day Trip

Paddle around the lake at your will, or you can do yoga with the group! We accommodate beginners to both if you’re willing to try.

Yoga on a paddle board may seem like a lot, but there’s a reason we do it. Yoga in nature opens your body up, releases your mind and brings you more quickly into a state of presence and peace. It accelerates exactly what we aim to do here. But there typically aren’t flat surfaces for yoga mats out here. 

Our sups are soft, and are very stable. You can do yoga on the land if you are more comfortable, but the ground is a lot more uneven, so it’s a bit different. 

How your Journey unfolds is up to you! 

Intention Sharing: We hold a group space every day where people can be seen and heard if they want to join. If you feel it would help your experience, you can share why you came out or anything else on your mind.

Practices: This is a bit more vague, but in essence, you can choose from a number of practices relative to where you’re at and what you’re hoping to get out of it. Eric has a Master’s in Ecopsychology and is always happy to offer you suggestions to help you along your path.

If you have any questions about this, please ask. Or you can book some time with Eric prior to the trip.

Getting outdoors overnight requires a sizeable amount of work, if you even know what to do. Whether you’ve never spent a night outdoors or you just want to spend this precious time in other ways, we’re here for you. 


2 Days 1 Night: $980

3 Days, 2 nights: $1240

*Meals, snacks, coffee, sites, guides, yoga, paddleboards, & boats included.

*Tent, sleeping bag, shuttle  to and from camp, massage, & rafting optional (additional charges)

Make It Easy On Yourself

Spending time in the natural world can be difficult, and setting a good container for a deeper experience can be even trickier. Let us take care of it all for you. All you have to do is commit to it. Here’s how: 

1. Book The Days You Want to Come out

Pick when and how long

2. Customize Your Experience

Choose Food, Shuttle & Gear options

3. Come out And Reconnect

Decide what to do in the moment

About The Experience

Transportation- Take Driving off your list! 

1. We offer a shuttle for whatever you need. From Portland all the way through, or if you want to drive yourself (you can’t drive after your medicine journey, but we can help you with options). Just tell us your needs and we’ll handle the rest. 

2. Drive yourself all the way to camp. It is up to 2 hour drive, and directions and location given the morning of the experience. You will need a car with a bit higher ground clearance, as the road is gravel and can get rutted out. 

3. We have an option to shuttle you from a town you can drive to for $30 a person, but the circumstances would vary by trip. Contact for details.  

Food- This isn’t your typical outdoor grub! We bring fresh food, quality kitchen gear, and prepare your meals deliciously. We are based in the fertile Pacific Northwest, where the ingredients are insanely good. Our coffee game is on point as well! Just tell us your diet preference

We offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for free. Eating light and more ecologically sustainably can take your experience to another level. 

If you would like meat options, it is an additional $10 for increased, cost, separate storage, cleaning and more. While we understand people love their meat, we appreciate your understanding that it’s a different level of cost, mess, and containment in the outdoors. Plus, it draws out the wasps. 

Sleeping bags are pretty personal items. People wrap themselves up in them, they are right up against people’s skin, and there’s a lot that can soil them. Cleaning sleeping bags well causes them to break down quickly, both structurally and insulation-wise.

Still, not everyone has one, so we have a few options:

Sleeping bags and tent

1. Rent A Bag at $35 per person per trip. This covers cleaning and degradation of the sleeping bag.

2. Buy your own. This is our recommended option, as it is a necessary step to you getting outdoors more often. We work with Next Adventure, a Portland based outdoor outfitter, to get you discounted bags. Please let us know in advance if you will be buying a bag.

3. Donate your bag- Don’t want to bring your sleeping bag back home? You can buy a bag and, after you are finished, donate it to local people having housing issues. Sleeping bags can quite literally save lives.

You have the (highly recommended) option of rafting the White Salmon on your way out. The bed of this river was formed by an ancient lava tube. It is both a beautiful and exciting class IV run. Moving through the water in this way after a period of stillness offers a new perspective on it. The movie “DamNation.”

We handle all the gear and guiding for activities and in camp. You just need to bring your personal hygiene items and clothes. We’ll give you some pointers before you come out, but you probably have everything you need already. 

Choose Your Own Experience Agreement

Here at Evolve Wild, our experiences were designed to provide the set and setting so you can have a deeper experience of your own choosing. If you come out with us, you can tailor your experience to what you’re looking for by expecting, and agreeing to, the following: 

You have your own site, with distance and trees between your neighbors. 

You can chill out on your own or relax at the group (social) site, where there is always at least one guide, within reasonable hours anywayWhether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you get to decide how much you want to engage with other people!

Access to nature may be one of the biggest hidden privileges in our society today. 

We welcome, and do our best, to offer our experiences to people of all skin colors, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, beliefs, languages, religions, SES, and political affiliations. Your experience is about you and your relationship with the world around you. We’ll do our best to hold others to those standards. 

And always know that if you don’t feel respected you can talk with us about it, or disengage by leaving the social area and going to your own site (and, of course, talking with us later). 

How you engage is up to you!

We offer a lot of ways to engage with the experience, and some of it pushes people’s boundaries. Whether it’s yoga, rafting, paddle boarding, sharing your intentions for coming out, or checking in with the group about where you’re at, you get to decide what you do and what you don’t do. 

Even if you’re good with all that, there are other things you can do to create a deeper shift, both before you come out and while you’re here. The difference between what people think they will do at first glance vs. what they actually do while they are going through it can change dramatically! Our best advice is to stay open to what arises while you’re here. 

I (Eric) talk about lots of things on this site, but it’s more just to let you know where I’m coming from, and why I went to all the trouble to create Evolve Wild. I don’t get preachy or judgmental, and I keep that vibe in check. 

If you’re looking for deeper conversation, have questions about some of the stuff I talk about, or just want to trip out, we’re happy to go there. But there’s no requisite talking points or anything like that. 

This is not a party / loud scene!

We aim to get away from modern-day distractions to allow the world around us to speak to us. But it’s a soft language, and easily drowned out. We discourage heavy drinking, loud music, and motors. We ask that you respect others on the experience by refraining from such things as well.

This is meant to be a small, but important, step along your larger journey. It’s not about what we think you should be doing, it’s about you doing what you feel as it arises, and allowing the experience to unfold. 

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