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I’m Eric, a mental health professional turned guide. I’ve witnessed powerful transformations in myself and others, and bring that back to . I want to help you find that.

I think the most beneficial thing for just about anyone is intentional time in nature. Restoring that relationship does so much to help us make sense of ourselves, life, and the world. I strongly encourage people to join one of our experiences if they can.

I recognize that’s not always possible, or people may not be ready for that quite yet, so I am happy to talk with you and find out if the fit is right for us both, offer you my uniquely informed perspective, and how you can move forward in your own journey. 

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The Process

1. Book or Call

Click the Book Now button and pick an available time slot (limited summer hours)

2. Tell Me Your Story

We all need to share this at times. I can’t wait to hear it!

3. Gain Awareness

I’ll offer you my perspective on your deeper journey and how to move forward.

Good Fits

I can help with a lot of personal issues, especially:

-Finding your true purpose & altering our culture

-Questioning your existence/ point of life

-Grief & Loss; of both loved ones or life circumstances

-Anxiety and depression

-Learning and other disabilities

-Post-covid issues (interpersonal & societal shifts)

-Social Isolation, binge TV & video games

-Bi-polar and manic issues (to a degree)

-Loss of meaning and joy in life

-Questioning your existence/point of life

-Plant medicine, altered states & visions

-Wilderness Therapy Program advice

Not As Good Fits

Things that likely wouldn’t align well with my approach:

-Trying to fix or save intimate relationships (couples therapy)

-Traditional career path advice

-Acute, recent severe trauma 

-Violent or extreme behaviors

-Strong sense that nothing is that wrong with you, or that you know exactly what the issue is with both you and the world around you and want a specific “fix” for that, or for everyone to act the way you think they should. 


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Eric Inman, MA., Ecopsychology

While I have a masters, my experiences are what truly inform my perspective. I work from an in-depth framework, and everything I speak of is grounded in me and my development along my path. 

I can offer you the way I see things, including where you are on your journey, some things you may be missing, and ways to move forward. 



The first session is free for the first half hour (if you don’t think I can help you, you will have the choice to end it early).

My standard rate is $80 an hour. That said, I recognize that this creates an access barrier, and times are tough for a lot of people, so I try to make myself available for anyone who feels like this would have value, especially people who have little access to the outdoors.

So I can work with you on a sliding scale for as low as $25 an hour, conditions permitting. Even if $25 is too much for you, I encourage you to reach out to me and see what we can work out. Too often, the people who could use this type of work the most have the least access to it.

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